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Stake pool registration

The following scripts can be used to register a stake pool on Cardano on any of the blockchains: mainnet, preview or proprod (or any other, but these three are the most important ones).
The configuration files can be downloaded from there:
For preprod and preview, the following faucet can be used to get 10k tADA per day: The minimum required to create a stake pool is about 503 (t)ADA (500 stake pool deposit, 2 stake key deposit, about 0.2 ADA transaction fees). The rest can be used for the pledge.
The binaries and libraries required for running a stake pool can be downloaded from Github (, can be build following the Github instructions (
All the operations involving the cold key and the payment keys should happen on a cold machine (at least for mainnet), and the files should be transferred using an USB stick between the cold machine and the machine connected to the Internet (with the node or with access to the node).
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